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Team Never Quit is another proudly featured company owned by US Military Veterans. The group of owners includes Marcus Luttrell, the “Lone Survivor.” Team Never Quit makes several different types of ammo including Frangible, Match, FMJ and Hunting. A portion of all proceeds from a TNQ purchase will go to benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation.

Reduced Ricochet/Training:

Frangible ammo is designed to virtually disintegrate upon impact of any material harder than the bullet. This dramatically reduces ricochet when shooting steel targets. If you do come in contact with the round after impact, it feels like sand paper rubbing against your skin.  A much safer alternative for shooting steel.

.300BLK Training Specs


Team Never Quit’s Match rounds were designed and manufactured to compete with the best ammunition on the market. Designed by Navy SEALs this ammunition is sure to impress.


The hunting rounds by Team Never Quit offer unparalleled performance and expansion.

.308 Hunting Specs

.300BLK Hunting Specs


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