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Reaper Outdoors Rifle Ammo

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Reaper Outdoors Ammunition LLC is another company that is owned by veterans that we are proud to feature on our site. The founder, Ron Bellan is a US Navy SEAL and a combat veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts around the world. Being a lifelong Survivalist, Hunter, Outdoors man and instructor various skills, Ron has dedicated his life, brand and charity to loyally serve this Great Nation.

Reaper ammunition are manufactured with current, state of the are materials, equipment and machinery. They have taken tremendous strides in manufacturing to produce and brand premium, evolving products. This clearly supports their belief in “Life Time Buy” for the customers who depend on superior performance in the outdoors. Reaper Outdoors develop, test and evaluate their ballistics and products in controlled and field environments prior to their release to ensure the best possible product. Reaper Outdoors values customer satisfaction and service like us. They offer a 100% no fail guarantee.

Product Info:

223 Reaper Controlled Chaos 55gr speed: 3100fps, 1173 ft/lbs

300Blk Reaper Controlled Chaos 110gr speed: 2315fps, 1308 ft/lbs


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