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Team Never Quit Pistol Ammo

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TeamNeverQuit is a Veteran owned company. The group of owners includes Marcus Luttrell, the “Lone Survivor.”

TNQ’s HP pistol rounds are designed to be a versatile round for training or personal defense carry. The Reduced Ricochet rounds are designed to break up upon impact of anything harder than themselves such as steel targets. They still allow for superior expansion and penetration making them a great round for personal defense. The SinisterFire® bullet is made from materials designed to more or less disintegrate upon impact of a material harder than the bullet, specifically hardened steel, a much safer way to shoot steel. Choose between the regular round or the Green round, which uses lead free primer. 


9mm Lead Free Specs

9mm HP Specs

40S&W HP Specs

.45AUTO HP Specs

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A portion of all proceeds from a TNQ purchase will go to benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation.


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