Professional Gun Cleaning

The Cleaning Process

Almost anyone can “clean” a gun but our professional gun cleaning process is a little different. We strip the gun down and bathe the appropriate parts in a solution and cleaning machine that gets into all of the hard and even impossible areas to reach that in most cases have never been touched. The cleaning solution is designed specifically for use with our method of ultrasonic cleaning. The solution is much less volatile and harmful than normal gun cleaning chemicals but provides better results. There is almost no scrubbing or brushing which is much better for your gun hardware. The gun is then lubed appropriately, using a special ultrasonic lube that provides protection for the same parts that may not have been properly protected in the past. The firearm is then reassembled and function checked.

Who is this type of cleaning for?

  • Enthusiasts who don’t know how to properly clean a gun
  • Shooters that don’t have time to clean their gun
  • Gun owners that have not cleaned their gun deeply, we recommend our professional gun cleaning every so often (depending on use) to keep your firearm in pristine condition
  • After hunting season, the elements are tough on gun parts. Get them professionally cleaned and protected so they’re ready for next year

What do we clean?

  • All types of pistols and revolvers with barrels and slides smaller than 10″
  • Small rifle and shotgun parts shorter than 10″

What does it cost and how long does it take?

  • $20 per handgun
  • Current turn around time is less than one week

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